Pilgrimage to Holy Hills of Russian South-West. Metropolis of Voronezh

Dear prospective pilgrims. We are planning most interesting Pilgrimages to the Holy Hills of South West of Russia. Have a look at the program and if you are interested, please register your ineterst with sending names to the organisers, suggesting the dates for this pilgrimage. As soon as there are enough participants we will go head with this pilgrimage.

Program of the pilgrimage to Russia

1st day

18.45 Arrival to Voronezh International Airport.
19.15 Departure to mens Monastery of Nativity of Mother of God in town of Zadonsk.
20.15.00 Arrival to the above Monastery.
20.30 Trapeza (communal monastery meal).
21.40 Overnight stay in the Monastery hotel.
2nd day 

07.30 Divine Liturgy in the Zadonsk Monastery .
10.30 Trapeza (communal monsatery meal).
11.30 Departure for Kursk Desert Skit Monastery.
15.30 Arrival.
15.30 Trapeza (communal monastery meal).
18.00 Evening Church Service.
20.00 Evening meal.
21.00 Overnight stay in the Monastery hotel.
3rd day

07.00 Divine Liturgy in the Kursk Monastery.
10.30 Lunch.
11.00 Departure for City of Belgorod.
13.00 Arrival to Belgoorod's Transfiguration Cathedral.
13.00 Moleben and Akafist to Iosaf of Belgorod, the Wonderworker.
15.00 Trapeza.
17.00 Evening service in Belgoorod's Transfiguration Cathedral.
19.00 Evening meal.
20.00 Overnight stay in the Monastery hotel.


4th day

08.00 Divine liturgy in the Minastery.
10.00 Lunch.
11.00 Departure to town of Rossosh.
15.00 Arrival.
16.00 Service in the St Ilija Cathedral in Rossosh.
18.00 Trapeza.
20.00 Departure for the Womens monastery in Kostamarovo.
21.30 Arrival.
22.00 Overnight stay in the Monastery hotel.


5th day

07.30 Divine Liturgy in the Kostomarovos Monastery of the Saviour.
10.30 Lunch.
11.30 Excursion around the Monastery.
15.30 Mid day meal.
17.00 Evening Service.
19.30 Evening meal.
21.30 Overnight stay in the Monastery hotel.


6th day

07.30 Lithurgy in Kostomarovo's Monastery.
10.30 Lunch.
11.30 Departure for Belogorsky Resurrection Monastery mens monastery.
12.00 Arrival.
13.30 Excursion around the caves of the monastery.
15.00 Evening meal.
18.00 Evening Service.
20.00 Departure back to Kosomarovs Monastery.
21.30 Overnight stay in the Monastery hotel.


7th day

07.30 Divine liturgy in Kostomarovs monastery.
10.30 Lunch.
11.30 Departure for the Dormition mens monastery in Divnogorie (Holly Hills).
13.30 Arrival.
14.00 Excursion around the monastery.
15.30 Trapeza.
17.00 Evening Service.
20.30 Evening meal.
21.30 Overnight stay in the Monastery hotel.


8th day

06.00 Departure for city of Voronezh.
08.30 Arrival.
09.00 Divine Service in Announciation Cathedral of Voronezh.
11.00 Lunch.
12.30 Visit to the Fleet Admiral Church dedicated to Dormition.
14.00 Transfer to Aleksis-Akatov Monastery.
14.30 Lunch.
16.00 Evening service in Aleksis-Akatov Monastery.
18.00 Visit to the Church of St Mitrofan and his holy spring, including possibility to immerse in the Holy waters.
20.00 Overnight stay in the Monastery hotel.


9th day

07.00 Divine Liturgy in Annunciation Cathedral of Voronezh.
09.00 Trapeza.
10.00 Departure to Moscow (Sheremetievo).
17.00 Arrival to Moscow.
19.25 Departure to UK


Pilgrimage costs:

£500 + airfare.


Not included:


Airfare, insurance, tips to guide and driver, donations to monasteries.



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